Be My Slave

You don’t want to book my attention by the hour but want to become my personal slave? A legitmate wish. But one you will have to work hard for to become reality. If you want to be my property, the way is as simple as it is demanding: Serve – dedicatedly, perserverly, loyally and reliably. If you commit yourself entirely to me, the rest will come naturally. There are no shortcuts to happiness.

Long-term arrangements

I am willing to support you on your journey. If you are looking for a taste of being owned, if you don’t want limited time frames: I am open to long-term arrangements with monthly set tributes. Every month you will pay a fix sum that I can use as I see fit. This way you will never know what exactly to expect.

What delights me

There are many thrilling possibilities to serve me. Here are some examples:

  • errand boy: Take care of my weekly shopping and other tiresome errands for me.
  • whipping boy: A tough masochist that offers himself to be a canvas for my flagellationary desires.
  • fetish fan: You love latex, nylons etc. as much as I do and sponser my fetish passion.
  • foot slave: Regularly you will attend to my beautiful feet.
  • chastity

Excite me with your idea of servitude and make the first step on your way to becoming all mine.

What I don’t want

There are scenarios that might sound exciting in your head but that I don’t have any interest in, e.g.:

  • house slaves that want to live with me
  • cleaning slaves
  • video slaves
  • bi slaves

Inquiries of this kind I won‘t dignify with an answer.

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