How it feels

I love my body, my feminity. Corresponding with that I prefer sensual domination. I don’t dictate a route that we have to work off. What I do is more of a charming, seducing mincing from one trap to the next: Come close. Just one step more … and another … and one too much – got you!

Words drip like honey from my lips into your ear. Promise or threat? Such a thin line … With my voice I create worlds that reach out far beyond here and now. I ignite mental fireworks, acquire possession of your body let you put down your will to my feet.

My rethoric, my motions, the pictures I put in your head – all that arouses concupisces and desires. You want to touch me, want to be as close as possible – and you may. If I allow it.

My BDSM is very spontanous, very intuitive. What I do I do because it feels perfectly right in this very moment. I take no interest in „Higher, faster, further!“. You are an instrument and with the greatest pleasure I will pluck your strings until I found our joint melody.

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