Extended & Overnight

I’m very much into extended and overnight sessions. But why? Well, because time creates possibilities. I only plan the bare minimum of my sessions, just as much as necessary to pack my equipment for every individual encounter. Everything else just naturally develops. And five hours just allow more things to happen than one hour does. So far pretty simple, hm?

But of course that is not all. Primarily it is the mindset that changes. If we have a lot of time, things go much smoother and in a more relaxed atmoshere. The underlying pressure to perform extreme highlights in a very short time vanishes. The one who plans with big time slots usually doesn’t have business appointments or planes to catch afterwards – and therefore finds himself in a much better position to unwind his mind and deeply enjoy what is happening right now. We can develop our erotic power dynamics much better: fly higher, dive in deeper and take a little rest once in a while. Because nobody needs to show off a peak performance for hours. Some ups and down make some things much more bearable. Which is especially important if we want to test your boundaries.

As an „extended session“ I label sessions with a duration of three hours or more. Everything shorter is a nice way to finish a day – which can be wonderful. For example with an intense after work foot worship … But I’m digressing here.

Overnights are somehow an augmentation of extended sessions. Typicially we will meet between 6:00 and 8:00 pm and will bid our farewells after a late breakfast the next morning – usually without too much inbetween. What happens in the meantime is as various as the people I spend the time with. Are we staying at a 5 star hotel or a fetish apartment? Do I show you the Reeperbahn or are you flying me to Rome over the weekend? Will you sleep in a cell or at my feet? Infinite possibilities await us …

Can it be even longer? Inherently it doesn’t have to end after a single night. In theory we can spend several days together. But I don’t offer this option to just anyone. For one thing you have to bring a certain budget to the table to enjoy that much time at my side. Plus: I have to be sure that your presence won’t suffocate me but that I will enjoy our prolonged time together.

  • Therefore I expect to have a retreat at my disposal (e.g. my own hotel room) or options to lock you away for a while whithout the need to watch over you all the time.
  • Also possible: While you spend the day with business meetings I will take your credit card to a shopping spree or indulge in the spa treatments you arranged for me. In the evening I reward you with my full attention.
  • Or: We know each other for so long and so well that I am sure you will be the perfect little toy I just love to have around 24/7.

As I said: Endless possibilities! Write an email and spark my passion for your longterm fantasy.

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