Some of my clients send my heartwarming mails after a session or write a „review“ on a FemDom board. In my blog I have an own catagory to collect these lovely testimonials. Here you can find a list of some of my dearest – even though most of them are in German.

A playful and intense experience A very multifarious extended session (in English).

Sometimes I can be really quiet … A text by me about a very intense and relaxing bondage session.

Single-minded into latex madness zum Blogeintrag A very ambitious latex lover finds happiness in my rubber universe.

Simply charming Devotion, latex and flagellation in perfect harmony.

The rubber dream and the glass panel A very special fetish I had a lot of fun accompanying.

Late Night Thoughts Extradition, utilisation, devotion.

A Thank You The joy when dreams become reality.

My Reign of Castamere ] A praise to clients who put in extra effort.

A First Time The leap of faith visiting a Dominatrix for the first time, big turmoil and deep relaxation.
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