Tease & Denial

I rule over your lust. Your orgasm is something you will have to beg for and never before were „Please don’t stop“ and „Oh my gosh, I can’t take it anymore“ so close-set. Tease and denial – an erotic borderline dance.

I take diabolical pleasure in pushing your buttons until you climax – almost. Because just seconds before you do I will stop. Not until I see sexual madness glittering in your eyes, not until you beg me for salvation heavily breathing, not until I am the sole centre of all your desires will I let you cum – maybe. „Edging“ this wonderful game is called.

But maybe I won’t let you cum at all? I can go on for hours triggering your kinky yearnings. My perfect toes just millimeters away from your lips. My soft, warm body within your reach – if just your hands weren’t tied up. The scent of my wet panties tickeling your nose while the centre of your longing is forever out of reach.

Don’t mistake ejaculation for satisfaction. After you looped in the sweet agony of your own lust for hours it has to come to an end. But how? Sure, I could grant you the orgasms you pine for so much – and it would be the best you ever had. Or I prolong your struggle with ruining your orgasm. So you might ejaculate but it won’t give you much pleasure but instead will intensify your desires. Or I magically produce a chastity device from my handbag and lock up your carnal lust for good.

For how long can this kind of orgasm control go on? I don’t want to put you under pressure to perform but: Long. Very, very long. And with absolute certainty you will have a happy breakdown long before I get bored with the manipulation of your sexual desires. Let us test together how much you can take.

Teasing is much more than touching. We will reach a point where the gentlest stroke with my fingertips will drive you into unbearable ecstasy. But I don’t have to touch you to put you into a state of erotic frenzy. With words I create images in your mind – more colourful and more vivid than any porn movie. My voice massages your synapses and makes your blood rush through your veins. Small, well measured movements drive you crazy even if I am half a world away from you. It’s a pure mindfuck: Not only do I use your body for my pleasure – I also capture your mind.

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