Intimate Treasures

You want to be really close to me, pressing your nose into one of my moist panties or sniffing the gentle smell of my long worn nylons? Maybe taste a sip of my champagne or worship a pair of my well loved shoes? Well, that dream could come true.

What can you buy?

I don’t have an online shop but I am willing to share the following with you:

  • worn slips, panties, tangas
  • pantyhose
  • stay-ups and stockings
  • real vintage nylons
  • champagne
  • spit
  • signed posters/copies of my pictures
  • ballerinas, shoes, high heels

Feel free to also take a look at my sale category of my blog. If I offer something special for sale, you will find it there.

If you are lusting for something special: Tell me! Maybe I will make your wish come true.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on what you want. It is much easier to part with a pair of old socks than with one of my lace panties. 35 Euro are the absolute minumum budget.

How do you get a hold of it?

There are three options to get one of these treasures:

  1. During a session: Afterwards you may keep my stockings or the like.
  2. Via mail: I will send you a discreet package. The shipping risk is yours.
  3. Personal handover: You invite me to a cup of tea or coffee in Hamburg. During that meeting I will modestly hand it over to you. Costs: 100 Euro.

Worn undies and stockings will always be sealed with a professional vacuum device so that they stay as fresh and scented as possible.

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