Threesome: Couples Sessions

It’s somethin very dear and very special to me to assist couples in fulfilling long entertained fantasies. No matter if you are a FemDom or MaleDom couple, both submissives or something else entirely: I want you to be happy and closer than ever at the end of the evening. That’s why I take a generous amount of time for you before and after the session, sometimes give advice to take home and always have an eye on your power dynamics during the session rather than making me the centre of attention.

Bondage Meditation

Quiet music, soft light, a lot of rope and a lot of time. As much as I usually like talking: elaborate bondages are something contemplating to me and I become rather silent. There is just you and me and hundreds of meters of rope. Lying, sitting, kneeling, hanging I will tie you up to a sensual little package. Such a fixation wants to be savoured and therefore I will leave you with enough time to rest and feel the tight ropes I have woven around you before I untie you and tie you up again.


Dinner, breakfast and a night of extasy in between. Completely without hurry you will be mine – over and over again. The possibilities are many and colourful: A night full of soft fetish moments or hard punishment.

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