Foot Fetish

Foot fetish might be the most common of all fetishes. But it is nearly impossible to talk about foot fetish in general. The nuances within this kink are so various and the focus of the many kinksters so diverse!

Some for example like stinky shoes and socks or feet with an intense smell. That’s a passion I don’t share. And I couldn’t, even if I would like to, because my feet barely smell. A decent, feminine scent of worn nylons on the other hand is something I can relate to. Therefore I have a box with already worn stockings where I store little scented treasures for my admirers of smelly female feet. I also have a favourite pair of classy leather pumps that help with the earthy, tempting foot smell.

Which part of the foot is the most desireable one? Well, there is not one right answer to that. High arches in stilettos can be as delightful als wrinkled soles, pretty toes or a strong heel. Just name it. What I like about my feet especially: My soft, callus free soles and my long, straight toes – no hallux or other deformation caused by too tight shoes..

And there we are! The next big topic: Shoe fetish or preferably barefoot? I enjoy both. But what exactly is an erotic shoe? Well I personally enjoy different types of high heels like peep toes, platform heels, boots, pumps or mary janes. But also ballerinas, wellis or even Birkenstocks can trigger a certain thrill – especially when I know how much my playpartners lusts for my feet in exactly this kind of shoes. Therefore I am very open to shoe suggestions. For sure I would have had an endless shoe collection if my size EU 42 (UK 9/US 11) hadn‘t set natural boundaries to that. I bemoan that a lot. But on the other hand: Big feet are a perfect match for a tall woman like me. And that way I can hide a whole slave feet under my soles. So there is an upside to it.

Feet are not just made for walking! Even though a sexy high heels walk can be something very arousing! But I like to do so much more with my feet. After all it’s foot erotic. Foot jobs are a well known thing. But with my long and agile toes I very much prefer toe jobs. Less common but not less intense. Also I love to cover the full spectrum from soft and sensual to hard and heavy with my feet. But as much as I enjoy CBT I won’t do ballbusting. Simply because it bores me and doesn’t match my style of sessioning. Slapping you with my feet on the other hand can be a very funny thing to do and even breath play is possible to a certain degree. Trampling is physically demanding for both of us (I’m an amazone not a fairy girl) but so much fun!

But the best thing ever is an intense and well done foot massage! And to be honest my dear foot slaves: Most of you still need a lot of training with that! When I close my eyes and lean back you can be sure I really take pleasure in the attention you give my feet. In addition to massages, this can include: washing and creaming, licking, kissing and sucking and – if you are really good and a trusted foot slave – even gently nibbling.

A very special pleasure to me is crushing or sploshing. No matter if I destroy your favourite toy car, make you feel like a tiny man who gets stomped on by a Giantess or making a mess of a fancy cake – a delicious mess you will clean with you tongue later. Just keep in mind: I’m vegan. So I don’t crush animal products.

What is really important to me: My feet are always well cared for: Nearly no callus, precisely filed nails, nail polish on fingers and toes are always in the same colour. Naturally every evening before going to bed my feet get a special cream treatment and during summer I enjoy wearing toe rings or ankle bracelets.

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