Why don’t you reply to my mails?

During the week I am usually rather busy so I take time for my electronic conversations on weekends. If you are waiting considerably longer for my reply please check your spam folder and make sure you have enough empty space in your mailbox. Sadly sometimes I can’t respond to session requests simply because the mailbox is full.

Why do I have to make a deposit?

A session requires a lot of planning and preparation in advance: I plan private appointments differently to make time for sessions, I make reservation, pack my equipment specifically tuned to your passions, dress up, drive to your hotel – and then stand in front of a door that won’t open. How horrible! With your deposit you ensure that I am relaxed and looking forward to our meeting because I know for sure that it will actually happen. And me being happy and relaxed will always have a positive impact on our time together.

Will you be recognizeable as a Dominatrix?

No. I’m a strong, beautiful woman that turns heads, sure. But I am very discreet and nobody but you and me will know the kind of our relationship. It goes without saying that I wouldn’t waltz through the lobby wearing latex or openly carrying a whip.

Do you smoke?

No. So serving as a human ashtray will never be possible. However my breath will never smell like cold ash and cheap peppermint.

How much can I touch you?

Well, if that is the most important question to you then I am probably the wrong Mistress for you. In a lot of my session I come really close – especially when it’s a material fetish session (like latex or nylon) there is always a certain amount of physical contact involved. For the submissive gentleman I surely don’t have to explain the difference between body worship and a carnal self service buffet. With these particular kind of gentlemen I can enjoy very intimate moments – if it fits the scenario. But it’s always my decision alone. You don’t have any saying in that matter.

Can you bring latex for me?

I have a basic latex attire for my clients (catsuit, mask, gloves, socks) that I may bring to our session. But I am always happy if you bring your own garments.

Is it possible to have a session with two Dommes or a slave girl?

I have lovely kinky friends – dominant and submissive ones. I might bring one or two of them to a session. But that very much depends on the scenario. So please send a concrete session inquiry if you are interested in a threesome or foursome of any kind.

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