My intense passion for latex can’t be overseen when browsing through my gallery. But given only that, most of the professional Mistresses around the globe should be dedicated latex fetishists. To be fair: My first contact with latex was when I wanted to do a photo shoot in latex because I always was fascinated by the shiny highgloss pictures of women in latex. But that was quite some time before I became a professional Dominatrix. My first serious piece of latex clothing I got from Isabeau Ouvert. I remember as if it was yesterday: I stood in their atelier in front of a big mirror wearing a white, high collared gouverness blouse with long, puffy sleeves. The feeling was overwhelming. I didn’t even care that this blouse was originally tailored for a much skinnier woman. It just made *click* in my head and from this day forth my latex collection grew pretty fast.

The little difference: latex or rubber? Latex is a natural product made of the sap of the caoutchuc tree. Rubber is made of mineral oil. Even if I like to talk of „rubber slaves“, „rubber clinic“ or „heavy rubber“ – it’s always latex that I’m wearing. Usually in a thickness of 0,4 mm.

From ultra-fine transparancies to stiff rubber: The latex fetish is versatile. If you watch explicit latex porn (and not just any porn where latex is a random outfit) you often see what I call „bizarre latex“: rubber hoods, neck corsets, tubings, strapon pussies and blow-up tits and things alike. Rubber clinic films often feature naturally transparent latex that over time gets a urine yellow colour. Both phenomena have remarkable aesthetics. I really like the bizarre look on rubber dolls. But I don’t see myself in this kind of latex garments. Except for hoods. I really like certain kinds of hoods.

I also don’t like metal parts on my latex – especially buckles that only interfere when I want to indulge into my latex passion – rubber skin on rubber skin with my human latex toy. Because that is what my playpartners are to me during a latex session: A beloved little rubber object that I slowly dress up and gently transform, to mould a man into a shiny plaything. I enjoy the objectifying effect of latex a lot. The men almost gets lost in his latex shell. The awareness of ones own body changes, forms present themselves more distinctively, you are much more conscious about every single touch on your (second) skin.

Completely dressed and somehow naked. Or in case of translucent latex: Complete nudity in spite of being dressed from head to toe. A paradoxon that fascinates me a lot. To really explain what thrills me so much about latex is difficult. It’s the same thing with all fetishes: It just makes you tick or it doesn’t. You can hardly theorize about if latex might or might not be your thing. You have to feel it to be sure

Speaking of feeling: My personal point of view is: „Latex wants to be touched!“. In rubber sessions I get even closer to my clients than I normally do. I love to endulge in what I call „rubber snuggling“: pure fetish hedonism where pain and power dynamics don’t have to be present. It’s an intimat, joint indulgence of the material. That of course only works with a complete rubber outfit. And with complete I mean head to toe: latex hood, latex catsuit, latex gloves, latex socks. I have a fundus of such basics for my clients but what really excites me is someone who brings his own, perfectly fitting latex garments. For me it can be a bit less latex like a latex leggings and a longsleeve. But you are always allowed to ask me to wear a mask or multiple layers of latex.

To me latex is always something beautiful, sensual and positive. Putting someone into latex as a punishment is really not my thing. Teasing someone in a rubber straightjacket on the other hand … that fits my passion for latex, bondage and teasing. So maybe strict latex is not a complete no-go.

The classic: The black catsuit. Yes, as nearly all latex lovers, I do like a smooth black catsuit. But I also like a lot of other things as well. I love bright colours – especially metallic tones. I enjoy sheer and translucent latex, sophisticated designs, ruffles and bows. Because latex don’t have to be bizarre and bitchy all the time. It can also be very elegant and high fashioned, yes even have some retro charme.

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